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I Was Once …

Another writing assignment at the Golden Pen Writers Guild. The assignment started with going around the room and each person beginning “I was once ….” The second half was filled in by the person sitting to the right. I’ve been reading a lot of ancient Greek and Roman classics lately, so I sorta went with that flavor. My writing prompt is revealed at the very end of this post … Continue reading

Full Circle

As one goes through life,
unexpected, unconnected experiences
serve to trigger later behaviors.

As a child, I thought one way:
something’s dull beyond belief, or
“This is the greatest thing since sliced bread.”
Maybe “If I can’t do x I’ll just die,” or
“If y got something, why not me?”

But life has a habit
of throwing curves that bend one’s thoughts
onto pathways formerly unseen.
Experiencing things that never occurred to you
in your hazy past.

And then one day you’re someplace
and something deep inside comes back.
You look around and realize
what once was “wrong” now seems so “right”—
and you have come full circle.

© 2014 Douglas P. Kendrick, all rights reserved.