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I Am A Tractor

This is the piece I submitted to the Center of the World Festival’s (Pine Mountain Club, CA) Art Speaks writing contest held Saturday, August 16th. It was  “A competition for writers to bring a chosen artwork to life through stories, poems, or other writing genre.” There was a wide variety of local artists’ works to choose from in the gallery, and I selected a photograph of a derelict tractor by photographer Michael P. Frank (see image below). I had to read my piece twice on the day of the festival so the audience members could vote for their favorite.

This was the first time I ever participated in this festival—or any kind of competition with my writing for that matter—and it was a fun challenge. Though I didn’t bring home the prize, I hope you enjoy my story!

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College Flashback

On a lovely June afternoon during a quick trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, I was meandering along on a self-guided walking tour I’d found online. It led through the historic downtown and eventually onto the campus of Northern Arizona University.

It’s been a long time since I went away to college or have spent any time on a college campus for that matter—I’d forgotten how good it feels. I strolled down the main  pedestrian-only thoroughfare checking out the historic buildings, new ones under construction, and the Student Union, finally ending up at the campus bookstore.

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First Visit to The Getty Center (and Something New…)

Yesterday (July 22, 2014), I finally made a trip to The Getty Center in L.A. I can’t believe it took me so many years to finally get there!

Steller: First-Time Visit to the Getty Center

It was a convenient ride down on the bus—which meant no driving/parking hassles and costs—and I basically spent all day there. It wasn’t, however, nearly enough time to even begin to do the place justice so I will definitely have to return.

I also took the opportunity to use a new service/app called Steller to document my visit. It’s pretty nifty, allowing you to combine words, photos and video easily into a sort of storybook format. So far, it seems that it’s only available for iOS devices, though you can view the resulting stories in a web browser on any computer. Click the photo or this link to view my story, including 3 original poems I wrote while there (two Tanka and a Haiku).

It was a great and inspiring day!