Today’s Quote: Seneca


“But the wise man is fortified against all inroads; he is alert; he will not retreat before the attack of poverty, or of sorrow, or of disgrace, or of pain. He will walk undaunted both against them and among them.”

— Seneca, Epistle LIX.8 – On Pleasure and Joy

Today’s Quote: Bruni


“Hence partisanship arose and this was the beginning of great calamities. For public affairs began to be conducted more in accordance with greed and rivalry than with goodness and honor, and in private life hatred and enmity increased daily. Thus the disease took hold of private and public life at the same time.”

—Leonardo Bruni, History of the Florentine People, I.81, published ca. 1416

Even more words for our time?

Today’s Quote: Plutarch


“For timely silence is a wise thing, and better than any speech…For, again, nobody was ever sorry because he kept silent, but hundreds because they talked. Again, the word unspoken can easily be uttered later; but the spoken word cannot possibly be recalled.”

— Plutarch, Moralia – On the Education of Children

You should also think about this the next time you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere…