Calligraphy (Shodou 書道)

Class was the same today—learning Japanese by the “fire hose method”. My head literally did explode after the first half of the day, and I ended up bailing on Keiko-san (my lunchtime CP) to return to the dorms, take some Tylenol and rest up a bit. I’m fine, though, and returned for the afternoon class where we studied kanji (yay!) and prepared our student interviews that will become research for our final oral presentation. I’m doing mine on studying foreign languages, and I have to interview 5+ Japanese students, ask them if they’re studying a foreign language, which one, how often they speak it, etc. I think it should turn out to be interesting.

After class at 4:30, we went and had an hour of Japanese calligraphy with the Shodou club. I’ve always wanted to give it a try, and it was really interesting and meditative. There’s also a lot more to it than meets the eye, and I’d obviously have to study for years and years if I ever wanted to be very good. The character for “Time” above, turned out OK, but my other effort was less impressive—Kabuki. I’d told Kishi-sensei I wanted to try something difficult, and so she made me give it a go. I’m too embarrassed to upload the photo though!

Dinner was fine, and now I’m catching up on my web postings and will then hit the books and try to remember at least a portion of what I supposedly learned today. I’ll have a visitor at 10:30 tonight—a young lady ran into me at lunchtime and wanted me to check her English speech for tomorrow’s contest and see if it’s OK.

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