Sa Do (Tea Ceremony) 茶道

Today was a lovely short day from the standpoint of classroom time. Of course, we had a rather difficult set of grammar points to tackle—and 4 pages of homework.

The afternoon was spent enjoying a tea ceremony. New for me compared with two years ago was that they gave each of us a Yukata, or summer kimono to wear and keep. This was exciting because I was planning on buying one this time anyway. Now I just need to buy Geta (wooden clogs/sandals to wear with it).

I always enjoy the tea ceremony. It was a bit hectic with more than a dozen of us, but enjoyable just the same. It’s very meditative and the formality of the movements and steps are actually quite relaxing. Of course, sitting on your knees in Seiza position for an hour and a half is pretty tough when you’re old with bad knees like me. I really want to learn how to perform the tea ceremony properly someday so I can use the implements I’ve collected over the years. I’ll have to find a Sensei when I get back home—I heard there’s one in the San Fernando Valley.

We managed to get done a bit earlier than usual which was fine with me as it made it easier to get down to Shijo and do some shopping. I bought a couple of grade school books at Junkudo (they’re just my speed, actually) and then the Tomytec Shrine model I saw at the hobby shop. It’s N-scale so will look great with my trains and even with my 10 mm Samurai army (if I ever paint it).

So at least there were some interesting things that happened today. Dinner was the usual and I’m writing this during a homework break. Tomorrow should have a bit of excitement since we have to go out and do our interviews for research on our presentations. Always a fun time…

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