40-Word Challenge – April 2016


I sat exhausted, staring in wonder at the juxtaposition between the beautiful planting of wisteria and the vile stinkweed worming its way, virus-like, up the granite walls; I couldn’t believe it’d been ruined by the lackadaisical gardener’s profound inertia.

Here are the given words: wisteria, stinkweed, exhausting, granite, juxtapose, virus, wonder, beautiful, worm, believe – Bonus (we actually had two this time): planting, inertia

©MMXVI Douglas P. Kendrick. All rights reserved.

40-Word Challenge – October 2015

I love the peaceful feeling of floating down a river, lost in spiritual thoughts of nature, enjoying the autumn light. But on the anniversary of my first trek, I recalled circumventing an unexpected cascade—that left us screaming with laughter!

Here are the given words: love, light, peace, thoughts, nature, circumvent, cascade, laughter, scream, spiritual – Bonus: anniversary

©MMXV Douglas P. Kendrick. All rights reserved.

40-Word Challenge, May 2015

A spectacular, starry sky shone brightly over the slippery path, when I was surprised to encounter an enormous, angry chimpanzee. The enigma caused me no little consternation; but, to my relief, his recalcitrance was assuaged by tossing him some candy.

Here are the given words: surprise, enormous, slippery, chimpanzee, spectacular, consternation, stars, enigma, candy, angry — Bonus: relief

We hadn’t done one of these at the Golden Pen Writers Guild for a long time (not to mention I wasn’t attending for a while) so this was a welcome bit of fun. And by the way—it’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded any writing, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. I’ve had lots of other cares and woes on my plate this year. Hopefully I can get back on the wagon again.

©MMXV Douglas P. Kendrick, all rights reserved.

40-Word Challenge, May 2014

Ode to a Sunflower, an original musical score based on the book, is an intelligent, artistic tour de force—superior to its ghastly predecessor. The divine harmonies surrounding the ubiquitous melody played on the chimes are soothing rather than strident.

Here are the given words: Sunflower, intelligent, chime, original, music, artistic, book, ghastly, strident, harmony – Bonus: ubiquitous

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