Back of Beyond

Get ready for even more high adventure, this time in the highly volatile period from 1914 through the late 1930s. Concentrating primarily on Central Asia–the so called “Back of Beyond”–and into both China and Manchuria, this fascinating and generally overlooked period is filled with intrigue, adventure and excitement.

These games also use Chris Peers’ rules, Contemptible Little Armies, written originally for World War I games but extended into the 1920s (and by me into the 1930s as well). If you’re interested in Bolsheviks, White Russians, Chinese Warlords, Mongol Hordes, the British on the “Roof of the World”, Nationalists, Communists, Turks, Japanese, International Adventurers, armed Archaeologists on the Silk Road, or global interventions by the major powers, then this period is for you!

More to come…