Darkest Africa

NEWS FLASH–At the last HMGS/PSW Spring Convention in March ’13, I SOLD pretty much my entire collection of painted 28mm Darkest Africa figures. I got some good coin for it too. I do still love the period, but I may not be gaming it too often now–except, perhaps, with other people’s lead. 😉

Get ready for high adventure in east and central Africa during the last half of the 19th century. A dangerous yet romantic time when intrepid explorers pushed their way into uncharted jungle.

This website chronicles our miniature games using the In Darkest Africa and In The Heart of Africa rules by Chris Peers.

In addition to battle reports and photo albums, I will be providing other resources, articles on scenery making and other related topics as I have time and interest.

Here are some posts from my old wargaming blog about the first three games we played using In the Heart of Africa, including downloadable PDF files of the scenarios:

More Coming soon…