Doug in Japan – 2008

Welcome back to Japan…

I spent my first summer in Japan in 2006, and I have thought about returning every single day since I came home.

I once again am taking the opportunity to study for a month at Kyoto Sangyo University, this time for a little less money because I opted to not earn college credit.

Having been here before and knowing a little more of the language and a little more of what to expect, I anticipate that my experiences will be quite different. I think I’ll have an easier time acclimating and not have to spend so much of that time just trying to understand how things work in daily life.

I’m hoping to also make inroads into investigating and finding a future career in Japan—something I really feel destined for.

So please check in often and read about my exploits in my Journal and view my Photo Albums.

NOTE: These pages, galleries and journal entries were reconstructed from my original site hosted on Apple’s MobileMe until June 2012. They discontinued that service but I didn’t want all my information to be lost forever to the ether. When I cut over to WordPress, my original site had 328 hits.