Japan Remembers Steve Jobs

For years I have been subscribing to the email list for J-List in Japan–an online store that sells all manner of cool things from Japan run by an expat from San Diego, Peter Paine. I particularly liked what he wrote in today’s email:

Like everyone else yesterday, I was saddened to hear of the death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and one of my idols as a businessman. The news was widely reported here, and the reaction by Japanese fans was as expected, with many expressing great sadness at his passing in TV interviews. Steve Jobs was well-respected in Japan, a country where business leaders are seldom charismatic and inspiring–only a few, like Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita or Honda founder Soichiro Honda, have stood out in a similar way. Jobs was feared by hidebound Japanese companies like Sony, too, who would rather their business go on forever without being disrupted by outside ideas like the iPod.

The reaction on 2-channel, the ubiquitous Japanese BBS, was also strong, and I opened a few threads to see what Japanese users were saying. In addition to lots of posts expressing arigato! to such a unique individual, one poster pointed out how similar the relationship of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates was to Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, two samurai lords from the Warring States period (1467-1573) who were lifelong rivals, though they had great respect for each other.

But the comment I liked best was, “Now we know where the iPhone 4S got its name from. The 4S stands for ‘For Steve.'”

You know, I really like that last one myself and I shall always refer to my new iPhone as the “For Steve” model.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

This was not something completely unexpected, but still a shock. As is being reported virtually everywhere, Steve Jobs was kind of like the Thomas Edison of the computer age and his vision will be missed. Stop and think for a moment about how Apple–the company that he helped create and spur on to greatness–has radically changed entire industries over the past few years and how we all think about and interact with technology. Quite mind-boggling, really…

I have complete faith that Apple will continue to be the innovative company it has grown to be going into the future. With Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, and his team announcing the new iPhone 4S on Tuesday and then having Steve pass away quietly on Wednesday, I can’t think of a more dramatic or definitive “passing of the torch”. I look forward to a continuing bright future for Apple and many more thrilling moments that will change my life for the better. But as I pre-order my new iPhone 4S tomorrow morning–and no doubt every time I use it going forward–it will be with a slight tinge of melancholy.

I actually heard Steve Jobs speak at more than one Macworld Expo Keynote over the years and it was always a thrill. I’m saddened that he passed away at the relatively young age of 56–that’s only 8 years older than I am. Kinda makes me realize just how mortal we all are. My condolences to his family and friends. Thank you, Steve, for helping to actually change the world for all of us.

May you rest in peace…

Valencia Apple Store Grand Opening

I know that I live right across the street from the Valencia Town Center Mall. And I know that I had already heard that they would be opening an Apple Store there. But…

Imagine my surprise when I found out from a City of Santa Clarita tweet yesterday that the grand opening would be today! I guess that just tells you how often I bother spending time at the mall.

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Getting Ready…

Hi there!

Long time no post (as usual…).

I’m using a brand-new (to me) journaling program called MacJournal to create and post this entry. It’s a pretty neat little program that lets you combine all your written journals together in one place, publish to blogs (like Blogger), encrypt things you want to keep private, have as many journals as you want—and even publish podcasts and include video. Maybe it’ll spur me to keep a better record of my life and publish more regularly to this blog.

(Yeah, right…)

The “Getting Ready” part is that I’m preparing to leave for Japan in 3 days. I’m going back to study for another month at KSU followed by 10 days vacation. My goal is to really be able to converse better in Japanese. I’ve also got it in my head to look for employment there and during the vacation time to hop over for a quick visit to South Korea.

Of course, I’ll be keeping my journal and posting photos—and hopefully even podcasts and video this time—religiously, but not using this blog or this swell new program but rather my usual iWeb tools (sigh…)

Be sure to check out the happening regularly over on my personal website:

[NOTE – Original blog was shut down in June 2012. All entries have been recreated here on this blog.]

SO then—not that you’ve bee reading anything here regularly anyway, but you definitely won’t read much here until I get home at the very end of July!

Cool Mac Apps—Cheap!

I’m not usually one for promoting things or selling stuff, but the MacUpdate software bundles that are offered periodically are really cool.

Basically, there’s a collection of programs from smaller vendors and shareware houses that band together and offer you a package deal. There have been some truly excellent programs in the past, and the current promotion is pretty neat. Some of the software isn’t unlocked until target sales have been met, so EVERYBODY needs to get out there and buy so we can get everything in the package. The big one this time is Parallels—software that lets you run Windows applications in emulation.
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Big Web Updates

After the release of Apple’s iLife ’08 and the new version of iWeb, I began actually revamping my websites. I’ve pretty much finished the overall rewrite and I’m pleased with the results. It certainly is easier and faster with the latest version of the program—at least after I got the original problems with photo albums and everything sorted out.

Incidentally, the way I fixed that problem was by moving the iWeb Domain file back to its default location in the /Library/Application Support/iWeb folder. Everything seemed to turn out OK in the end—but I’m certainly glad I had a backup of my original domain file!

I’ve also been working on my Anime & Manga review pages. I’ve almost got all the entries created for at least my favorite anime series and will be doing the same for my favorite manga. There will still be plenty more left on my list, but it’s a start. They’re also just sort of “placeholder” entries riht now with a minimum amount of information that I’ll have to flesh out later with more complete reviews. I have included links and other information, though. Go directly to the site here: Doug’s Otaku Site