Getting Ready…

Hi there!

Long time no post (as usual…).

I’m using a brand-new (to me) journaling program called MacJournal to create and post this entry. It’s a pretty neat little program that lets you combine all your written journals together in one place, publish to blogs (like Blogger), encrypt things you want to keep private, have as many journals as you want—and even publish podcasts and include video. Maybe it’ll spur me to keep a better record of my life and publish more regularly to this blog.

(Yeah, right…)

The “Getting Ready” part is that I’m preparing to leave for Japan in 3 days. I’m going back to study for another month at KSU followed by 10 days vacation. My goal is to really be able to converse better in Japanese. I’ve also got it in my head to look for employment there and during the vacation time to hop over for a quick visit to South Korea.

Of course, I’ll be keeping my journal and posting photos—and hopefully even podcasts and video this time—religiously, but not using this blog or this swell new program but rather my usual iWeb tools (sigh…)

Be sure to check out the happening regularly over on my personal website:

[NOTE – Original blog was shut down in June 2012. All entries have been recreated here on this blog.]

SO then—not that you’ve bee reading anything here regularly anyway, but you definitely won’t read much here until I get home at the very end of July!

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