Less than a Week Now

Hi there!

So, I’d better begin getting myself habituated to writing in my journal here. It’s almost impossible to believe that I leave in less than a week.

What happened to all those good intentions for studying and brushing up? Where did the time go to lose a little more weight and get in slightly better shape? How come there’s still so much on my “To-Do” list that hasn’t been done?


Well, there’s not much time left to cry about it, I’ll just have to get on with it. I am going to try to do an audio podcast this weekend to get things started since I haven’t done one in a while—in fact, I haven’t done one using my MacBook Air yet. I also need to test out my new Blue Snowflake microphone, which promises really high quality but in a very small package.

I’m off to have lunch with Alia-san today to talk about old times, and of course anime. She may be coming to Japan later this summer under a different program, and I wish her luck on getting accepted!

So get ready for the new adventures of Doug in Japan!

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