The End of Civilization as We Know It

As of 5:00 PM PDT yesterday, Monday, August 16, 2008, Same-sex marriage is now legal in the state of California. This is an absolute calamity.

You can add 4 judges—only four fallible humans—to the 4 from Massachusetts who think they have it within their purview to redefine the way humanity organizes itself, defines family and establishes its social structure. That’s eight people who think they know better than millions. Eight people who feel they can rewrite history. Eight people who have forced upheaval on the land.

Don’t even start with me about “fairness” or “equality” (both of which are lies) and don’t trot out the tired “there’s over 1,000 rights denied to gay and lesbian couples” (also an over-exaggerated lie). Nobody seems to see the upheaval this will cause all the way to the very core of our legal, moral, ethical and societal structures, and the true scope of damage will not be felt for who knows how many decades or generations.

That’s why I say it’s the end of Civilization as we know it—because it’s going to change everything.

The worst part about California’s law is that unlike Massachusetts where only same-sex citizens of that state can “wed”, there’s no such limit on marriages here. That means those same four people of the California Supreme Court have deemed it desirable to export revolution throughout the country. I apologize to the other 48 states…

We do still have a small chance of reversing this decision with a constitutional amendment measure on November’s ballot. But, sadly, I think it’s a small one. From now until then (over 4 1/2 months), gays will be marrying simply so they can say, “see, we’re not hurting anybody”; the liberal media and establishment will push that agenda and the gutless electorate will be loath to vote for something perceived as “writing discrimination into the constitution” ( that’s also an overwrought lie). I can only hope that enough people will see this for the societal tragedy that it is and vote YES on the amendment.

The next steps will be legalization of all sorts of “marriage” (polygamy, siblings, groups, minors), and don’t think for a moment it won’t happen. The big argument “winning” the same-sex case was essentially that “you should be able to love and commit to whoever you want and the state should support that”. Just what part of that argument do you think is going to stop any of the other permutations I listed? It’s only a matter of time until society “gets used to the idea” and four other people on a court somewhere make it legal.

This reminds me of a well-know Alexander Pope quote from his Essay on Man:

        Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
        As to be hated needs but to be seen;
        Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
        We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

No truer words have ever been spoken. If you’re reading this I hope you’ll take that message to heart and put an end to this, because it’s likely the last chance we’ll ever have to do so.

Otherwise, you’re obviously perfectly OK with changing Civilization as we now know it…

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