Big Web Updates

After the release of Apple’s iLife ’08 and the new version of iWeb, I began actually revamping my websites. I’ve pretty much finished the overall rewrite and I’m pleased with the results. It certainly is easier and faster with the latest version of the program—at least after I got the original problems with photo albums and everything sorted out.

Incidentally, the way I fixed that problem was by moving the iWeb Domain file back to its default location in the /Library/Application Support/iWeb folder. Everything seemed to turn out OK in the end—but I’m certainly glad I had a backup of my original domain file!

I’ve also been working on my Anime & Manga review pages. I’ve almost got all the entries created for at least my favorite anime series and will be doing the same for my favorite manga. There will still be plenty more left on my list, but it’s a start. They’re also just sort of “placeholder” entries riht now with a minimum amount of information that I’ll have to flesh out later with more complete reviews. I have included links and other information, though. Go directly to the site here: Doug’s Otaku Site

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