Anime Website Revamp

Because I’ve been having so much fun with the vastly improved iWeb ’08 software, I thought it was high time I got really going on my Anime & Manga website. I’ve spent some time reconstructing it with new templates into what I feel is a more attractive and practical look. I also have begun putting up reviews and resources of my favorites in a blog format. I have most of my Favorite anime up there at least with holding pages and a couple manga titles.

One thing that I always wanted to do was have a sort of “Quick Ref” box for each title that had links to the website, info on the series, links to purchase, access trailers and/or opening/closing videos, etc. I’m happy to say that I’ve done that, though I’m only just getting started. BTW, the purchase links I created go to my favorite online retailer RightStuf Inc. If you use them to navigate there and then purchase something, I’ll get credit and earn stuff—I’d really appreciate it, and they have good deals!

So check out the vastly improved site here: Doug’s Otaku Site

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