I’ve started coming to the realization that my “Summer Sabbatical” is going to have to come to an end. Even though I had enough savings and resources to last me for a while, that “while” isn’t forever. In fact, because of one thing and another, it may have to come before the end of this year, which I was hoping to avoid.

I do, however, still have a few tricks up my sleeve. I have yet to fully get into eBaying my flotsam and jetsam and that could help (especially when I get around to selling some old computer stuff and perhaps another couple high-value items). I’m also likely to go the contract route for a bit rather than take a full-time spot again. I’m even looking into working on my own in some sort of training/consulting capacity—no really! I just can’t quite give up on the flexibility I’m enjoying right now.

I also sat down yesterday and began working on the two most important things that I’ve been putting off for too long: studying for the JLPT Level 3 test and getting my voice acting work going.

There are now 101 days left until the test, and I really, Really, REALLY must pass it this year. If my dream of going to Japan to teach is more than simply that, I’ve got to pass this year if I want to get there before 2009 (the test is only offered annually in December and grades come out the following March). If I follow the organized plan I’m putting together and use my time more productively, it should be do-able. I certainly don’t want to suffer last year’s indignity and miss it by a measly 8 points.

The other item is the voice work. I’ve been lolly-gagging around for too much precious time and am beginning to feel the pinch. Consequently, I pulled out all the materials from the various workshops I’ve attended and have truly begun studying them and making a plan. First on the agenda: get a couple more coaching sessions and some help in creating my demo CD. I’m researching the various coaches in my area and will be selecting and working with one within the next week or so. From then on, it’ll be practicing, locating gigs and going on auditions—a strange and different world for me. Wish me luck—I’ll report my progress…

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