Welcome to my blog!

Finally—an easy way for me to let my voice be heard.

Welcome to my blog.

I almost didn’t want to do it, since blogs seem to be so damned trendy right now and I didn’t want to feel like a “unique person, just like everybody else”.

But I sure find this medium (and the wonderful program I’m using, iBlog for MacOS X by Lifli Software) so easy to use that maybe I’ll finally start saying something.

Anyway, don’t necessarily expect earth-shattering revelations about stuff, deep philosophical discussions or even timely and frequent entries. When I feel moved to write, I will. Maybe it’ll be interesting to people who read it. Maybe it’ll help someone out there in some way. Maybe it’ll give someone a good laugh or a good cry—I don’t know. It may only serve to make me feel good about having expressed my views, feelings or thoughts.

But it’s a good way for me to exercise my writing skills, get things off my chest and leave a diary-like record for posterity.


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