The coolness never ends!

I just unpacked my brand-new Apple wireless mouse and keyboard. They work like a dream!

This is so freakin’ awesome!

At last, there is no more need to be tethered to my computer by input devices. The keyboard is beautifully designed, not very heavy and performs flawlessly. The mouse is a work of art. The best thing of all is that unlike my wireless mouse attached to my PC at work, I don’t have any extraneous dongles to plug in either—it just pairs up with my PowerBook via Bluetooth. A whole new era in convenience has just been opened up to me. My next hope is that Apple—or perhaps a third party—will now come up with an equally elegant Bluetooth wireless graphics tablet. Imagine drawing and handwriting recognition flying through space from an untethered tablet…

What greater compliment can I give Steve Jobs and the boys than this: Apple Rocks!

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