“He said, he said”…

As if we needed any more proof that the only reason Democrats support items on the “Gay Agenda” is so that we’ll vote for them, give them power and let them take our money, we have this new little tidbit just in from planetout.com demonstrating that even their own staff members really don’t care about us.

Dateline, somewhere in Iowa—

Just confirming that Democratic politicians are co-opting the gay community just like they do everyone else, we get this ludicrous little piece of “news”:

“On Tuesday the campaign manager for Howard Dean accused a Dick Gephardt campaign worker of pushing a Dean staffer and calling him a ‘faggot.’ The next day, a Gephardt spokesman countered by saying the incident was fabricated for political advantage.

“The flap between the presidential campaigns was widely covered in the press by Thursday, and neither side is backing down, causing a “he said, he said” impasse.”

I love this stuff!

It just goes to prove my point that the Democrats and other assorted liberal apologists don’t give a damn about gay people any more than anyone else does. They talk out of one side of their mouths—the side that accepts volunteer support and campaign money—while it’s “business as usual” out the other. Go ahead and deride the Republicans, Conservatives and religious people for giving us a hard time if you want—at least you can see how they feel because it’s out in the open—but realize that it’s still rampant on the other side of the aisle. Scratch the surface and you get the same thing. Not that they don’t throw us the occasional bone, but just realize the cost and that they’re only doing it to stay in power, not because they care about us.

Of course, I confess that this stuff makes me secretly giddy because I thoroughly detest the left because of the social, fiscal and moral destruction they’re leading us all into. I’m a self-descirbed “Libertarian-leaning Republican with a heavy infusion of Randean Objectivism”. I’m not exactly thrilled about the Republican mess nor their infighting and political games. But I sure as hell won’t give in to the liberal morass no matter what they’re promising me. The price is too damn high. I’ll never vote for Howard Dean, because I’m not a Socialist.

It’s obviously too late in our corrupt political environment for the great unwashed to seriously believe in individualism, libertarianism, personal responsibility and laissez-faire. People are no longer people, they’re “focus groups”, “special interest lobbies” or “demographics”. Everybody wants somebody else to pay for them, take away their responsibility or consequences of their actions, make everything work and let them continue their lives of rampant consumerism, social irresponsibility, narcissism and television-induced hypnosis. Nobody thinks—or does—for themselves anymore.

Enough of a rant, because now I’m rambling. All I want from my government is to be left alone as much as possible and be able to keep as much of my own money in my own pocket as I can. I don’t need someone in Washington telling me how to live my life, no matter what their party, desire for power or secret agenda.

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