Contentment comes in a small package

It has been over three months since I sold my 17″ PowerBook and bought a second-generation 12″ one. I have been nothing but pleased by the deal—in fact, I may have found my perfect setup.

I haven’t made any “Mac” entries in my ‘blog for a while, but I’ve been following the old adage “no news is good news”.

I have to admit that I think I’ve found the perfect, sweet Mac setup that works exactly the way I want it to. I cannot see myself buying any new Mac system for the foreseeable future, barring some radical new technological development (like a tablet mac—hint, hint…).

First of all, it took virtually no time at all to get used to the smaller screen real estate of the 12″ while on the go. I typically only use 1 or 2 apps at a time, and the “crowded screen syndrome” has been virtually eliminated thanks to Panther’s Exposé feature. Just hit F9 and select what I want to bring forward—cool as hell. The smaller form factor is an absolute joy to carry with me whilst traveling or just out and about. Airport Extreme means I’m easily kept in touch and I’ve even used my GSM Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone flawlessly as a wireless modem. Ubiquitous computing is now my reality.

When I get home, I connect 4 cables to the Mac (AC power, sound out to my powered speakers and the Video and USB cables to the ADC box) and turn it on. BANG! I’ve got an ideal workstation with my 17″ Apple LCD display coupled with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. PLENTY of screen room there to spread out when doing web design, video editing, or anything else where more “elbow room” means more convenience. Externally powered subwoofer and speakers goose up my sound quotient and I’m ready with my Canon self-powered USB scanner, external FireWire HD, iSight camera, iPod and whatever else I need. It’s a beautiful thing…

All that may sound geeky, but I truly don’t feel like a geek. The Mac’s strength—as it always has been—is that you needn’t be a geek at all; simply plug everything in and it works. No wires to keyboard or mouse; no wires to connect to the internet; no wires to print even—I’ve got an HP DeskJet 5550 hooked up to my Airport Extreme base station for wireless, full-color, duplexed printing from anywhere in the house.

Computing peace has finally arrived, and good things DO come in small packages…

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