The beginning of the end of civilization as we now know it

Today, the Massachusetts Supreme Court upheld its November ruling that barring gay couples from civil marriage was unconstitutional. Unlike most of the gay community, I’m truly sick at heart over the power that four judges have to rewrite 3,000 years of precedence and take upon themselves the right to redefine society as it has existed throughout the world since the beginning of time.

I’ll probably come back and write more after I formulate my thoughts a bit more. Right now, I couldn’t feel more anger, disgust, sadness and fear over this ruling and what it means. What it REALLY means.

While anyone who knows me would be first to admit that I would be the perfect candidate for marriage, I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to do it.

You see it’s WRONG. That’s W-R-O-N-G, wrong. I fear for the country and the world we live in. I’m appalled that the community is hell-bent on redefining society just to get some tax breaks. I’m equally appalled that the rest of society seems to be going along with it—why have laws or concepts or truths at all if we’re just going to allow them to be redefined out of existence so that nothing matters anymore.

I’m rambling—I really do have coherent reasoning behind my beliefs, but I’m too upset to articulate them right now.

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