London is…London

While I’m excited to be here, it seems like just another normal destination. I guess that’s a function of the frequency of my visits.

We arrived yesterday after the requisite 10+ hour flight which was uneventful but long. Virgin Atlantic is definitely the way to go, even in steerage (though once you’ve flown “Upper Class” you’re ruined for life). I think I may prefer taking this flight over the earlier one, though; it seems as if there’s less time to force oneself to stay awake after arrival before getting to go to bed for the night.

It seems like just another normal day. Coming to London no longer has some exotic air of international intrigue about it. I guess this is the 7th or 8th visit I’ve made since fall of 1999, so I’m not surprised. Especially in this day and age of cheap tickets, this is a very do-able weekend destination. Our tickets cost less than flying to New York.

We’re staying at the pleasant Hotel Alhambra in Argyle Street, across from St. Pancras train station. We went and had a lovely dinner last night at a charming italian restaurant called Prezzo in Euston Square. Most restaurants here are so cool and modern—very sleek. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful room divider, all made out of various pieces of scrap lumber. Why don’t we have such chic, modernist interiors back home?

Then that was pretty much it.

On the books for today (so far): the Sherlock Holmes Museum, the Tate Modern Gallery (plus a spot of lunch there) then maybe some shopping. Maybe a club tonight. Stay tuned for more, including some photos.

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