Finally some good news…

Much to my relief (and, in a way, amazement), the California Supreme Court made a correct decision yesterday in ruling the “Gavin Newsom Self-serving Wedding Orgy” illegal and nullified all the so-called marriages. The rule of law is maintained in California, at least for the moment.

I’ve been too silent on my blog for this topic for too long. It’s probably because just reading about what’s going on on a daily basis has caused a perpetual churning in my gut. I really should have been venting my feelings, stating my opinions and observations all along, but oh well.

In this case, though, this is finally some good news worth commenting on. I never thought I’d be so delighted with our state Supreme Court, but I’m practically giddy. They pulled the rug out from under his megalomaniacal majesty’s ludicrous reasoning and dismissed as chaff to the wind all the 4,037 worthless pieces of paper issued from SFO City Hall this spring. The tiniest bit of my faith has been restored in the judicial system of a country that believes in the “Rule of Law”. The only thing that would have been better is a removal of King Newsom to new digs at San Quentin for his effort.

While the left-leaning media boohoos about the poor “bride-bride, groom-groom” combos that are feeling sad and depressed about the outcome, I merely intone “I hate to say it, but I told you so”. I can’t believe that any of them seriously thought that such a blatant display of anarchical lawbreaking would result in them being able to file joint tax returns. What a crock. If you stick your head in the fire, you will certainly get burned; it’s only a matter of time.

My biggest overall objection to same-sex marriage and the way it’s being touted at the moment is the complete and blatant disregard for law and democracy demonstrated by its proponents. Why should a fraction of the 2% who would actually get married feel that they are entitled to a non-existent “civil right” just because they say so? How come anywhere from 60-80% of the population of this allegedly democratic nation is against this, but it’s perfectly OK for four nameless, faceless justices in Massachusetts to force this legal anarchy on our society and not even allow the people to have their say? Missouri has weighed in, and the result is telling.

Enough for now. I’m pleased with this news and intend on articulating myself more often.

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