Long time, no change

There hasn’t been anything new on the Mac front for me in a while.

I guess it’s ’cause I’m still incredibly happy with my changeover to the 12″ PowerBook. I’ve only bought a few knickknacks , really: a BookEndz dock to facilitate hooking everything up when I plug in at home; one of the new AirPort Express hubs that I’m eventually going to get around to hooking up to the stereo; one of the 4th generation, 20GB iPods (I gave my old one to Cyndi as an early birthday present—she was thoroughly delighted).

I am sort of anxiously awaiting the September reveal of the 3rd generation iMac. I’ve been thinking that I really would like to have a “server” again, and it will likely be an iMac. There are several things that I’d like to be able to do that necessitate a constant presence. We’ll see. The biggest obstacle is the lack of FUNDS right now (see my “Anime + Manga” entries for the explanation…). There’s also a possibility of a “shift upgrade”: Eusebio might sell his 12″ PowerBook to a friend provided that I buy the latest 12″ iteration, then give my current one to him. That could work out nicely, but again: NO MONEY. Maybe in a couple of months…

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