My newest toy…

Anyone who knows me realizes I’m pretty much a gadget freak (which is really weird sometimes, since in other areas I’m definitely a luddite…). And what is the latest gadget on the market? The Sony PSP, of course. And—of course—I just had to buy one!

That in itself is also rather strange. I mean, I’ve never been particularly hooked on computer games. In fact, I think I’ve got a grand total of five games on my Mac—I just never had time, patience or interest.

But the PSP is AWESOME! The games are so much fun, the technology is first-rate and there’s a lot of potential for the platform. You can even watch regular, full-length movies on it—which will be much easier to deal with on the plane than pulling out my PowerBook (small as it is). I’ll be sure to try it out on my next business trip and post a report.

So far, I’ve got five games already and just had a blast tonight playing a round of golf with the Tiger Woods game. Lumines is also a lot of fun and very addictive—kinda like a super-Tetris. I’ve also got Wipeout Pure, a kind of sci-fi twist on the conventional car race game with flying spacecraft. More to come…

The other thing I’m anxious to try out is the realtime multi-player gaming via the built-in 802.11b wireless. That should prove interesting.

Check out the Sony site for all the particulars…

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