Anime LA 2 convention

I spent my day at the Anime L.A. 2 convention at the Airtel Plaza Hotel near the Van Nuys (CA) airport. Considering that heretofore all my anime convention experience has been at the San Diego Comic Con International (which fills an entire convention center and hosts 100,000+ visitors), this was very different.

This event I would certainly class as “cheap and cheerful”—though it wasn’t all that cheap at $30.00. I must admit that I felt kind of out of place there too—it seems like I was virtually the only person who wasn’t a teenage cosplayer. It was still fun and interesting and I spent most of my time buying from the few vendors selling there or getting sketches in my book.

There were 2 charming young ladies sitting at a table in the main hallway, and they both did lovely work. I have to scare up their websites and post them here, but here are photos of some of their work:

A selection of Naruto chibis…

Akito Himamura (an original character). He has a really cool wraparound tattoo on his left shoulder.

So it was pretty fun, but nothing like I was expecting.

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