End of semester – already?

I cannot believe that the Spring semester is already at its end. We just had our last day of Japanese 27 today—with our oral finals and a big feast provided by Yamaguchi sensei. Life just seems to go by so fast. And, of course, despite all my best intentions, I just never seem to get around to updating pages, adding blog entries, etc. I could have been wiriting and contributing so much.

BUT, that should be changing soon…

You’ll notice a new link on the navigation bar just under my blog called “JAPAN 2006!” This is going to be the place I will update furiously—hopefully at least daily—during my impending month-and-a-half stay in Japan this summer. I depart June 14 for Kyoto Sangyo University for a month-long INTENSIVE Japanese course. I will the follow that with a week and a half vacation—I already have my railpass and even rented an apartment in Tokyo.

This blog will therefore fall “silent” during that time (not that it was ever very chatty in the first place). I urge you to check out my Japan pages regularly!

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