Weekend at Lake Biwa

Saturday morning I didn’t have to get up too early, thankfully, but did need to get a few things done and pack for our 11:00 AM departure to Lake Biwa. It was sort of like our “Spring Break” or mid-semester vacation, and was spent overnight at a beautiful conference and lodge facility owned and operated by the University. We stayed in charming wood cabins and had a great barbecue (first time I’ve ever used chopsticks to grill on a barbecue in my life…). Everybody basically hung out, played various games and watched Pirates of the Caribbean in the evening. It was a really nice, relaxing time.

Of course, it rained but at least not during the outdoor cooking portion of the evening. We also had an interesting treat: we toasted marshmallows (also using chopsticks, which actually makes a lot of sense). In the non-socializing time, I had a chance to just kick back, listen to some music and plan out what I want to do post-program. I think I’ll start off with Hiroshima, Himeji Castle and maybe Sekigahara the weekend after we finish, come back to Kyoto for the Gion festival on Monday the 17th, then finally depart for Tokyo and my pre-booked apartment on the 18th. This of course means my week-long rail pass will run out before I leave Tokyo on the 24th, but I think I can pay the one-way to Narita on my own.

It’s hard to believe it’s already half finished! And I haven’t even mailed any postcards yet…

1 thought on “Weekend at Lake Biwa

  1. There was 1 comment on the original blog entry:

    You’d better hurry and get my post card mailed! You’ll be home before it gets here! Sounds like you’re having fun! What did you BBQ?
    Sunday, July 2, 2006 – 01:58 PM

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