Monday morning came, and I had a sore throat just to get things started. Next, I realized just as I was about to walk up the big hill to the university that I had left my wallet in my room. Next, I received my “test results of doom” back in class—and I suck, just as I predicted. My score was the same as my birth year—an auspicious omen, I think. Not a very good way to start the week…

So at lunchtime, I only had a drink from 100 yen I borrowed from Yasu (my CP). He was supposed to come on the Lake Biwa trip too, but couldn’t for personal reasons. I told him he should have come anyway—it would have been a great way to forget his troubles, as I’d managed to forget about my “test results of doom” during the whole time.

Afternoon class we watched Yan-san videos, studied Kanji (YAY! Something I don’t suck at…) and then began the arduous process of writing our speeches for next week. That was less than fruitful for me, since I hadn’t even built my outline or written it in English first. I ended up doing that tonight after I got home, ate some instant Ramen, ate a LOT at dinner and did my 6 pages of homework.

Oh yeah: akirametai means “I want to give up”. But, I’ll keep hanging in there, because it can’t get any worse for me academically!

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