Leslie’s Farewell Dinner

I felt a bit better about today’s last written test—I at least seemed to be able to give better answers. I just hope that I didn’t completely succumb to my usual tendency for making stupid mistakes. Oh well—it’s all over and done with now.

Immediately following the test, Leslie gave her oral presentation since she’s going back home tomorrow. We followed that with writing out our wishes and poems for Tanabata, a summer festival in Japan. Part of the festivities is hanging your wishes on a bamboo branch so that they will come true. There was a big party at the I-house, but unfortunately we spent too much time at dinner and missed most of it. I kind of wish I’d stayed here…

Tomorrow Junko, Heather, Alia and I will be going to Osaka for some sightseeing and shopping. It should make for a full day!

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