Fine Kyoto Dining at Hankyu

Once again, it’s Sunday and I had to fend for myself for dinner. I spent the first half of the day doing laundry, computer work and trying to figure out how to ship home several packages this next week of stuff I’ve bought and don’t want to lug around myself (not to mention that I haven’t got room anyway). After walking around through the usual spots looking for package shipping supplies (I was not successful), I wanted to have a nice meal. Since I was downtown near the Hankyu Department Store, I thought I’d give the 8th floor “Mosaic Dining” a try.

I found a wonderful restaurant with an excellent view and really good food. I had a set meal which was seven courses, almost all of them cold since it’s summertime. I don’t know if it officially qualifies as Kaiseki Ryori (the famous traditional-style cooking), but it sure was delicious and elegant. You can see my Tempura course (it was number four) above, and check out the photo album in my Photos section. It was really nice sitting there, relaxing and savoring each specially-prepared bite. It was quite peaceful since I ate a bit early, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was then back home for the night. Once I post this, I have to study, do my homework and practice up a little on my speech that I’ll be giving on Wednesday. The “semester” is almost over—I can’t believe it…

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