Last Day in Tokyo

It’s hard to believe my time here is almost over. I’m at that point where I’m trying to pack in everything I possibly can before the clock runs out, and beginning to have regrets about things I didn’t do and won’t have time for…

Anyway, the first stop was Asakusa to see the famous Kaminarimon Gate to the Senso-ji temple. It was a typically gray morning, threatening rain just to make things perfect. I also ended up doing a lot of souvenir shopping on the market street between the gate and the temple itself. I actually used the fortune sticks at the temple and got one that was really true: “Always traveling around since your childhood has given you a lot of places [sic]…Wherever you go, everything can be done as you wish.” Seems like my life does involve a lot of travel wherefrom I derive my happiest times.

Next stop was the famous (or infamous) Yasukuni Shrine where Japan’s war dead are commemorated. I don’t see what the big deal was—except that supposedly Class A war criminals are also remembered there, but I wouldn’t have known that without the news reports. Most importantly was the museum there, which discussed a lot of Japan’s Military and other history—it was fascinating. My favorite part was watching the little film with actual footage from the Russo-Japanese War.

Then it was off to the Kato Hobby Center Tokyo, which was really cool and much bigger than the Osaka one. They had a ton of operating layouts and I got some good photos for reference on my own layout. I also couldn’t help but succumb and make a couple of additional purchases…

Last stop was Akihabara Electric Town again, which drew me back like some kind of electro magnet (pun intended). I discovered the Yodobashi Camera super store, which is 8 floors of consumer electronics and other goodies—a veritable wonderland for a guy like me. I could easily spend an entire day in here and not see everything. They had a nice hobby section there too—where I ended up buying even more stuff. I ate a really nice Tonkatsu dinner in the 8th floor restaurant area. My niece and nephews would love this place…

And then it was back home to begin packing. Time is too short…

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