Deskside Entry (Hiplog)

One of the things that you can also do with hiplog is send mail from any computer using the t-mobile Sidekick Desktop Interface. I’m doing this right now as a test from my desk–and since I can’t actually get a signal from my office.

My photo experiment from yesterday resulted in me deciding on the medium-sized setting for mobile photos. I’ve also got to get a bigger memory card so I can take more pictures and hold more music (though just why I’d need music with a video iPod and a new iPod Nano I can’t fathom…).

Oh and here’s a test photo from my computer. It’s a picture of Kyoto Station, but I didn’t take it myself–I found it on the internet.

(NOTE: Apparently you cannot attach photos from the desktop interface unless they’re in a Sidekick photo album. Oh well…)


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