My New Car! (Hiplog)

Well, after 5 long and happy years driving my Audi A4 the lease was about to come due. I was trying to drive off some of the nearly 7,000 miles I had left, but decided to just go ahead and get on with it. What did I buy?

Why, a brand-new White Scion xB! It was really something I’d pretty much decided on a while back–and I’m really pleased. It’s fun to drive, looks cool and I’l be saving money in lots of ways:
– It gets 30 MPG, a savings of 50% over the A4
– Insurance is around $500.00 less per year
– The payment is over $200 less per month
– It cost $20,000 less than the A4 was 5 years ago

It did take about 4 hours at the dealership, but they seem really good and friendly otherwise. So stay tuned for lots of stories about my ‘white box adventures’.


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