America is now less safe…

At least, that’s my opinion after yesterday’s mid-term elections.

So people have got their way: they voted the Republicans out of power in both houses of congress, and the news media is in its typical gloating mood. It’s a sound defeat for the President and a repudiation of everything he’s done, the war in Iraq, etc., etc.

Of course, everyone thinks things are going to change. They’re right: but not in the ways they think. With two years left of a Republican administration in the White House, the country at war with hundreds of thousands of our troops in harm’s way and now a hostile, bitterly partisan congress about to be seated, absolutely nothing will get done. If anything does, it will no doubt make a bigger mess of things. I can just see it now: Nancy Pelosi—Speaker of the House to be and international embarrassment—starting up investigations into whatever the Democrats want to score political points with, then clamoring for an “organized timetable” to withdraw troops from Iraq. Our troops in the field will become even bigger targets and unrest will become even greater as the Muslim world thinks they defeated us and we’ve given up the fight.

The Dems will concentrate on “domestic” issues and do things like raise the minimum wage to stifle the economy, raise taxes (especially on the “wealthy”) to reinforce class warfare, and then probably concentrate on such important things as Roe v. Wade and gay marriage. And if I were Al Qaeda, I’d take the opportunity to wreak some more havoc while we Americans are running around bickering, obfuscating, dissembling and stonewalling. It makes me sick to thing of what’s ahead for the next 24 months. More and higher taxes—yay! Just what I’ll need as a first-time homeowner scraping the bottom of every barrel to afford a place to live in this overpriced So Cal market…

And then we’ll have the next Presidential election and things will go even further downhill. I swear to you right now: if Hillary Clinton is elected president, I—unlike all the liberal leftist Hollywood stars who did nothing but talk—WILL leave the country. Japan is starting to look like more and more of a possibility every day (wait—maybe I shouldn’t be buying a condo…).

What a disaster…

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