More iPhone Wants: iLife/iWork Integration

Now that Apple has put a lot more polish on their iLife and iWork suites, it’s now time to integrate them even more with iPhone.

One of the best integrations is through the new .Mac web galleries and iPhoto. Having the galleries on the web means you don’t need them right on your iPhone which saves storage space. It’s also really easy to take snaps on the phone and directly upload them via email to galleries, so I created an “On-the-Go” gallery specially for that purpose.

But now I’m hoping for even more integration like:

  • Direct viewing of Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents on my iPhone. I think that right now I’d have to convert them to other formats like Word, Excel and/or PDF to view them. This should be a no-brainer.
  • A way to submit entries to my iWeb-created Blogs from the iPhone. I mean, that is the main reason why I’m staying here on blogger: so I can post entries from places other than my Mac. An email-it-in function like with the photo galleries would be stellar.
  • Of course, that would also necessitate a better text editor on the iPhone, the biggest thing I was lamenting in an earlier post. Just give me TextEdit and I’d be happy…

There was a posting on the website about most wanted iPhone apps, and someone went so far as to propose an “iMovie Lite” application that would let you take vids shot on the iPhone (also something you can’t do right now), do simple editing and then share online through galleries and YouTube. I think that would be really fun, though again I doubt I’d want to turn my iPhone into a video creation tool. But you never know…

I also very much liked his idea of being able to have a book reader to access your eBooks on the iPhone. He mocked it up with the Delicious Library GUI which I would also like to be able to access on my iPhone—it’s frustrating when I’m out at a bookstore and I can’t remember which volumes I’m missing. It would be nice to be able to access my library on the go (and, incidentally, as much as I love Delicious Library, its reporting/exporting/publishing functionality sucks at an abysmal level).

So there you go—some more observations on what I’d like to do with the coolest piece of technology I’ve ever owned.

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