First week DONE!

I have to admit that I’m really enjoying working at Princess Cruises. The company and people seem really great and like I’ve said before, I’m absolutely thrilled to have a 250-yard commute on foot!

I’ve been picking things up pretty quickly with the reservations system. We’ve had several quizzes—all of which I’d gotten 100% on, but I blew my midterm yesterday, only getting 99%. So much for a perfect record…

There really is a lot going on behind the scenes. I’ve traveled a lot in my lifetime, but never worked in the travel industry. It’s pretty interesting to see things from the other side. I’m still thinking, though, that if I don’t get back into training here that the real place for me is out in the fleet onboard a ship. Who knows where this will eventually lead.

Last night, we got together at Matt’s and played three rounds of DBA—and I was 0 for 3 , but it was still fun. Something satisfying about a game night that’s actually fun and a game that you can play three times in one evening to a satisfactory [sic] conclusion. I hope we do more of it.

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