EeePC and the Lunacy of Windows

I’ve really been enjoying using and playing with my new EeePC. More than I thought I would, really.
But I’m fast coming to the conclusion that I’m not geeky enough to put up with Linux much longer. It’s really quirky and confusing for a non-techy type like myself. I mean, I had to go online to, read the wiki and do some experiments before I could figure out how to simply format a SDHC card. That’s just too inconvenient for me.

I never thought I’d ever actually say this—but I want to install Windows XP on it. Which brings me to the “lunacy” part.

So I go online to figuring I could order it for a discount, not pay sales tax and get it here in a couple days with my Amazon Prime 2-day shipping benefit. But then I saw the price: $199.00 (okay, $191.49 with the exciting 4% discount…whoopee)! In order to do the install you must have the full version with SP2—OEM discs won’t work.

But that’s a price that’s extremely hard to stomach. That’s 50% of what I paid to buy the danged computer! It’s more than what I paid for my new Sam Hecht-designed 320GB portable USB Hard Drive from LaCie I just received today. It’s not quite double the cost of the much superior MacOS X Leopard.

As if I really needed any further evidence against the Evil Empire, this really makes it strike home just how much Micro$oft has been gouging the world with its overcharging for inferior product.


1 thought on “EeePC and the Lunacy of Windows

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you actually bought a PC =) It’s too bad you don’t have Windows XP or Vista on it (I actually think I like XP more than Vista). Hopefully you’ll be able to find a better price on one of them.

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