A Reprieve at Last—and Nishiki Market

So, first day of the second-level class—and it was Onozaki-sensei! He had a double-take when he saw me since he’d taught me in the other class. We reviewed a couple of things that are a bit difficult (the concept of giving/receiving words もらう、くれる、あげる) which can be a bit difficult to understand and always confused me. But Onozaki-sensei’s explanation was very good and I think I’m getting it. There were a couple other grammatical things that I’d forgotten—so I think what I’ve done by going “backwards” was the right choice.

In the afternoon, it was off to Nishiki Market to interview the vendors, explore and fill in our worksheets. It certainly was a lot easier this time than 2 years ago when I was so clueless. I ended up buying some Bancha roasted barley tea. After we finished and handed in our assignments, we all went our separate ways and I visited the manga and hobby shop, picking up my missing Tsubasa volume and some little collectors models of Japanese castles (I got a couple of good ones, too). I’ve got a lot of studying to do tonight, because even though I’ve only sat through half a day of the class, I still have to take the test tomorrow! One of the topics is a rather confusing verb conjugation from too. Luckily, I think I’ve got all the Kanji down.

So things will be looking up from now on—yay!

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