Relaxing, Shopping and Studying

I didn’t really have any specific plans for today other than visiting the new Bic Camera store at Kyoto station. It was pretty awesome, and reminded me of Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, but only about 1/2-2/3 the size. After checking things out and since I was already at the station I decided on an impulse to go to Osaka to the Yodobashi Camera store there.

Now that’s the stuff! They had a big hobby section where I ended up buying a couple of model train items, looked at a lot of computer, electronic and other gadgetry and had a very nice Tonkatsu lunch/dinner in one of the 8th floor restaurants. That was about it for Osaka for this time, but I may come back. I priced the DVDs (which are outrageously expensive here) so I could compare them with Amazon (where they are a bit cheaper). I definitely want to get the new Evangelion movie and maybe some more of the Ookiku Furikabutte DVDs (though maybe not since FUNimation is going to be releasing it).

I came home, bought a couple onigiri rice balls for dinner at the convenience store and have been doing laundry, computer work and trying to catch up on my homework. If I were more motivated, I would have probably done a podcast (I’ve been too lazy for that!). Oh well, maybe I’ll get one done this week in the evening.

Even though I’ve only been here slightly more than a week, it feels like a lot longer. This is pretty good—it seems like I’ve always lived here. Of course, if I actually had been living here I’d speak Japanese better than I do, but it’s coming back…

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