Tuesday Classes

Just another school day.

We’ve spent 2 days now going over a rather difficult subject, the various verbs for giving and receiving (morau, kureru and ageru もらう、くれる、あげる). It’s something that I could probably study for months and still not get exactly right. I do understand it a bit better now than I ever have, which is a good sign that repeating the middle level class wasn’t a bad idea.

Lunchtime was spent chatting with my CPs (Conversation Partners) about a wide variety of subjects. I feel kind of embarrassed in one way, because I speak at such a rudimentary and probably uninteresting level; on the other hand, I’ve been able to converse on a wide variety of topics (today we talked about Italian cooking, sites to see in Kyoto and Ryohei’s presentation on New Zealand from yesterday). I may not be the most interesting person to listen to in Japanese, but I’m giving it a try.

Today’s weather was beautifully clear and sunny—which also meant hot. But, mercifully, it wasn’t humid so it turned out pretty well. I’ve come home, eaten dinner, finished my homework and thought I’d catch up on journal entries.

Sorry it was relatively boring…

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