Second Test Down

Today was our second of three written tests. After being sick yesterday, I was back at about 90% and if that’s what my test score turns out to be, great!

I think I did okay at least. It’s hard to tell sometimes. There are such subtle grammar points at this level that I tend to get them confused, but I probably did fine. I do think I may have mistaken a couple of Kanji, though. We’ll see on Monday.

Following the test was play time. We wrote some wishes for the Tanabata festival next week then played a few card games. It’s always nice to decompress after a long school week.

Tomorrow is the big Hiroshima trip! I dropped by the convini to get some snacks and something for breakfast since we’re leaving at 7:00 AM before the cafeteria opens. It’s going to be a fun time and I can hardly wait. We’re taking the fastest level of Shinkansen—the Nozomi— to Hiroshima. We’ll visit Miyajima Island first, then the Peace Memorial and museum. In the afternoon before dinner, we’re going to have a couple of Atomic Bomb survivors speak to us—a real honor since there aren’t so many left anymore. We’re staying at a Japanese Inn (Ryokan) which will be my first time.

On the way back on Sunday, we’ll stop and tour Himeji Castle which is also a great trip. I’ll write all about the whole excursion and post it on Monday.

Happy 4th of July weekend!

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