Japanese Speech Crunch Time…

We had classes in the morning and the afternoon was scheduled for a visit to the Judo dojo for a bit of sparring. I knew this was coming, but my knees—and for the past week my back—were just never going to cooperate. Since I also had a speech to write, I asked Paul to be excused.

In a way, I’m sorry because as it turns out nearly half of the other IJP students decided to just blow it off and not show up. This was a problem since it turns out the Judo club was coming in special during their vacation for this and they were a bit upset and disappointed with us. I was the only one who asked to be excused ahead of time so I have a clear conscience, but it still makes me feel bad. For those of you reading this who might attend this program in the future, remember this and realize that you’re putting other people out by not participating.

So the big thing for me today (after going to town to get money at the Citibank and buying a book) was to dream up a new speech topic and get it written. I’ve essentially decided on “What new interests have you developed because you studied a foreign language”. I think it’s rather interesting topic, since I’ve changed so much and developed new interests since beginning to study Japanese. Ikushima Sensei helped me put together my interview which I did at the I-house tonight during the Tanabata party! I then managed to get the bulk of it written and can turn it in tomorrow. I think it’ll be pretty good.

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