Little Tokyo with Company

On Sunday, my sister Cyndi mentioned she’d like to go down to Little Tokyo to shop for a wedding present or something, so today I met her and my niece Julie down there. We had lunch at Zencu Sushi then hit the shops. I of course didn’t really need anything, but ended up buying yet another bento box at Rafu Bussan—this one is really cool and even came with a nice little thermal lunch bag to carry it in.

It was the first time my niece had been down there, and she seemed pretty excited by it all. She’s the one who ended up eating sushi for lunch (which she loves) and in fact ate Tako (Octopus) for the first time. We ended the afternoon doing some grocery shopping at Mitsuwa and eating tasty cream puffs at “Mister Beardy-Head” (actually Beard Papa’s) before catching our respective trains home.

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