In Vegas, Baby!

So I’m sitting here in my surprisingly nice and comfy hotel room at the Vegas Club hotel in the OLD part of Vegas. I drove up here today to attend the Anime Vegas convention this weekend, which is sort of of my new annual tradition (kind of pushing it since this is merely my third time). I came the first time in 2006 since I’d missed the usual Anime cons while I was in Japan, and so the same happened this year. The drive was fast and uneventful (even though my cruise control was set at a mere 5 mph over) and I got here in about 4 hours.

But first, the Victoria update:

She’s getting stronger and a bit brighter, but still is pretty skinny, bony and you can tell she doesn’t feel her usual self. I took her for a checkup yesterday, and the doctor found she was anemic, gave her a shot of iron and—get this— has me giving her Epogen! That seemed to pep her up a bit—she spent time with me, laying on my lap, being more sociable, etc. whereas she’d mostly been sleeping in the bedroom by herself. The doctor also insisted that I board her there this weekend while I’m gone and they will see she gets her meds and try to fatten her up a bit before I pick her up Tuesday morning. Max gets to fend for himself (and by himself) but my Mom & Dad are going to check on him Saturday.

So then, now I’m in Vegas for the weekend. This convention really is a lot of fun and so much more relaxed than the big cons. I mostly come here to socialize, see new stuff and get autographs—It’s always well attended by Funimation VAs and others. I’ll fill you in as the weekend progresses. I don’t have a lot of money at the moment, so there won’t be a whole lot of purchasing going on. One thing new this year, is that they’ve moved it “uptown” to a hotel rather than at the Cashman Center next door to the gun show. That may also mean some other new surprises—can’t wait to see what’ll be new.

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