Greetings from Flagstaff!

We’re just about to leave lovely Flagstaff, Arizona where we’ve been on a family vacation this week. We took in the ever spectacular yet surprisingly commercialized Grand Canyon, Sedona, and the three local National Monuments, Wupatki, Sunset Crater and Walnut Canyon. It has been a pleasant time and the weather has been gorgeous. Everyone thinks of Arizona as nothing but desert, but they forget the part of the state north of the Mogollon Rim. It has been way cooler here this week than the sweltering East and South of the US–I pity my coworker on vacation in New York City.

But the main purpose of our coming to Arizona was to support our Arizona brethren in their fight against the arrogance and stupidity of the Federal Government and pointy-headed liberal politicians everywhere, especially our native California and most particularly the idiotic mayor of Los Angeles. Just Tuesday, the Feds sued AZ over their upcoming law about illegal immigration. If the do-nothing congress and utterly contemptible administration would simply enforce their own immigration laws–you know, and actually DO what they are constitutionally mandated to do i.e. Provide for the common defense–then none of this would be necessary.

But enough of that. The best part of Arizona is the extraordinary natural beauty you find here. Couple that with amazing sites of Native American history and the history of the old west and I’d take vacationing here any day. I have quite a few photos to eventually post, but here’s a sample from the Grand Canyon just to get started:

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