Golf in 2011

Well, it’s that time of year again: time for our annual IHTNFL Golf Tournament (that’s “I Hate the NFL”) on Sunday February 6. It’s our annual round played on Super Bowl Sunday. Which is ideal since the courses aren’t crowded.

Of course, I haven’t picked up my clubs in well over six months. And I’ve never been much of a golfer to begin with.

So, I pulled out my tried and true “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons of Golf” book and gave it a read through. I then stopped by the Elkins Ranch (Fillmore, CA) course on the way home last night to hit a bucket of balls on the range. I’d forgotten just how bad I really am.

And I became reacquainted with several muscles that I’d forgotten I had {groan}…

Hopefully I will at least be able to make it through the entire round without collapsing. I don’t even want to imagine what my game and score might look like. But it has given me renewed interest in the sport and impetus toward practicing and playing again. I may not do anything tonight, but I will certainly try to get in another couple evenings’ practice in before the weekend.

But then again, it’s not exactly like cramming for a test at school!

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