dpkworldwide.tumblr.com is no more

Well, I got sort of ambitious over the weekend. I used the free Tumblr backup program to copy all my entries to my Mac and then I deleted my account. The next step will be to go through it all and copy any posts worth saving here. By that, I mean anything I actually wrote myself or anything I feel is particularly important (like all the recent Japan earthquake items I reblogged). I won’t be copying everything over wholesale because some of it was purely frivolous.

Which is one of the reasons I ditched Tumblr–I did see quite a bit of interesting stuff there (especially photography), but it was more or less just a constant source of “noise”. That and the system was notoriously unreliable–you never knew when it would be busy, down, etc. I now will consolidate to one place (here).

Interesting: that means I’ve ditched both Facebook and Tumblr this year. Now all I’ve got is this WP blog, my self-made website on MobileMe (dpkworldwide.com) and my Twitter account. I think that’ll be plenty…

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