Just checking in…

I realized that I’ve not put anything up recently other than quotes. Sigh…

I’ve actually been rather busy and/or distracted lately, so haven’t bothered wanting to write. In the evenings, I’ve kept myself busy with several projects the most interesting of which has been painting miniatures again.

Specifically, since The Bengal Club has recently made a concerted effort to begin playing Napoleonics again, I ended up jumping on the bandwagon myself even though I had no intention of doing so initially. I’m not particularly interested in the rules they want to play–Age of Eagles–but looked back to my distant past to an old favorite: Napoleon’s Battles. Turns out they’re up to version 3 (which I bought) and I’m excited to play. So excited, in fact, that–in order not to have any fingers pointed at me for not stepping up to the plate–I dug out my shoeboxes full of unpainted Old Glory lead and began painting an Austrian Army. I’ve made quite a good amount of headway too with an entire small Corps painted (well, the cavalry are almost done). Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be playing again–yay!

The other thing I’ve done recently is finally started doing independent voiceover work for cash money! AND at a pretty good rate too. I’ve done two eLearning projects so far and sincerely hope that more will continue coming my way. I’m going to use some of the recent tracks to finally put voice samples up on my website–perhaps then I can be more confident and start marketing my services more widely. Chances are that I will also soon be upgrading my equipment and software (to Protools) so that I can turn out a higher-quality product.

So there you go–reasons why I haven’t blogged lately. I do still intend to bring over all my relevant Tumblr posts (not just the quotes…), but that may end up being be a summer project for the July 4th holiday week…

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