A Visit to Little Tokyo

Although I had planned on visiting Little Tokyo last week in conjunction with my Anime Expo excursion, it didn’t turn out that way—mostly because I didn’t want to shlep around all my purchases. So, I went down today instead.

It has been so long since I was down here, I was surprised at how much had changed. The first nice thing was riding the Gold Line from the station rather than having to walk. Japanese Village Plaza on First street has had a very nice facelift and it looks as though business is picking up there. I mostly just wandered around, stopping for a nice lunch of Chirashi Sushi at Zencu. Picked up some groceries and various household sundries and then dropped in to see what was on at the JCCC (an interesting exhibit on cities and city planning). The photo is of the garden there. It was a bit warm, but not too bad weather-wise. Now that Metrolink has their $10.00 weekend pass fare, I think I may come down here regularly again. In all, a rather nice day…

BTW, this post and my last one about Katanagatari were both authored remotely from my iPad using Blogsy. It’s pretty cool and makes it more convenient for me to blog on the run. Maybe it will help me post more regularly too.

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