Updates to the dpkworldwide WordPress Site

As I mentioned in yesterday’s aside posting, I switched to a new theme for this blog and I’ve now tweaked it back into behaving properly. I really like the new look, especially the sans serif font and larger banner image sizes. Let me now if you think anything still looks weird…

In addition, I’ve beefed up the other pages here adding both to the About section with more about me and a quick bio, and the Anime section with a fuller explanation of my Anime-watching philosophy. You can access these pages from the menu above, just below the banner photo.

I will probably be adding more pages and other materials here since Apple’s announcement of iCloud means they will be doing away with the MobileMe web hosting I have been using. I plan on keeping some of my original web pages, especially business-related stuff, but it seems so much easier putting personal stuff here on WordPress.

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