The Debt Fight and Just How Much We’re All Screwed

On Monday, I read this excellent piece on Charlie’s Blog and just had to extract two of the sections that I though were particularly correct. I have excised the profanity to fit my standards (apologies to the author, click the link at the end to read it in its unmodified state), but his points are so clear and true:

It blows my mind to watch this whole debt limit drama, and people get upset because their […] welfare check might not be in the mail. This is where we are at as a country. We allow compassion and sympathy to trump intelligence and morality. Here are the two facts you have to consider. The first is that welfare erodes the strength of this nation. The second is that WE ARE […] BANKRUPT. When I watch the same sort of […] in a place like Greece as lazy worthless […] take to the streets to protest their loss of government benefits, it blows my […] mind. People believe they have a divine right to the fruits of other people’s labor.

Yes, sadly, he is exactly correct–this is where we are as a country and people. Under the current administration and congress, it’s only getting worse, too. It doesn’t matter which party either–it’s just that the leftard Democrats (“Leftard”–cool, huh? I believe I first saw the term on Charlie’s blog…) are ruining it much faster than the hypocritical Republicans are. The more they all increase the centralization, expansion and invasion of the federal government, the worse it will get. (Like for instance today I just read that Homeland Security is going to start regulating fertilizer–I mean, what the hell!?) The more the populace is convinced into thinking that it’s okay for the government to confiscate the citizens’ money and redistribute it via class-warfare taxation policy enforced at gunpoint, the less I want to be here. “Balanced policy”? “Shared sacrifice”? What a load of crap…

The only thing to save the country–if you actually care about the citizens and people, that is–is for people to get wise to the dysfunction we have and go in a new, more libertarian direction. The bigger government gets, the more we’ll get screwed by the completely fallible people we “elect” to “serve us”. What a laugh–it’s all about serving themselves at the smorgasbord of taxpayer-funded largess. Less government equals less intrusion and less chances for such appalling waste, fraud, self-serving and lying.

The most depressing thing is his very last sentence, which more than adequately sums up the reason why I struggle every single day trying to figure out how I can leave this place before it’s too late:

I’m just tired of living in a country where the dream is to collect a check at someone else’s expense.

Click here to link directly to his complete post.

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